Find and Book Services at Nairobi JKIA on Arrival, departure, or transit

Arrival VIP Meet & Assist -Exclusive VIP Facilitations – JKIA for (30$ per person)

On Arrival: you will be met at the air-bridge; escorted to and through quarantine, visa on arrival, security and immigration, helped with your bags, escorted through customs checks and taken to your driver, car desk or hotel representative (on reaching which is the end of the arrival service).

Departure VIP Meet & Assist at Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Guide (NBO) for (30$ per person)

On Departure: you will be met at the entrance of (or inside) the departure terminal building; then assisted through security, check-in, customs and immigration; and then taken to your airline or member lounge or directly to the boarding gate (on reaching either of which is the end of the departure service).

VIP Transfers, Connections, Exclusive VIP Facilitations – JKIA (30$ per person)

You will be met at the Check inn point escorted to through any visa, quarantine, transit, security, immigration, baggage, customs procedures; then you will be led to the next flight’s check-in area, the flight transfer desk, your airline lounge or the boarding gate.
Chauffeur Private, comfortable Vehicle Transfer to and from the JKIA Airport Transfer (50$ per transfer car load)
In Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport we do offer Luxury, private transfer services and if you have booked one we will coordinate with your driver both on arrival and on departure to ensure a smooth handover

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  • Travellers are required to  fill the Travelers Health Surveillance Form ONLINE via Downloading “Jitenge MoH Kenya” App and Signing up as Air Traveler or via
  • Go through the Airport Passenger Journey Document before travelling.
  • Have a COVID-19 free certificate as per Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • Maintain 1.5-metres of distance from one another.
  • Wear your face mask at all times.
  • Avoid shaking hands.
  • Make contactless payments.
  • Follow directions airport and flight attendants.

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